October 22, 2018 – Week 2

The students at the school I am placed at come from families who really push the students to do well in school and extra-curricular activities. My co-operating teacher told my partner and I that the parents are very involved in the learning of their children. The students are very involved in extra-curricular activities as well as groups and sports outside of school. One of the boys I was working with this week, for example, was telling me that he was in Cubs and he told me about how they were going hiking this week and he was really excited.

Parents of the students are also very involved in what goes on at school and come in quite regularly to talk to the teachers. I think that it is good that they are so involved because that shows that the families are probably having good conversations at home about school and the children’s learning. One way that the teachers keep parents updated is by using Seesaw. This resource allows the teachers to keep parents up to date on what their children are doing at school as well as get notes out while conserving paper. Seesaw is also a great way to start a conversation with families about events going on. An example of this was that our co-operating teacher was able to contact one of the parents to check that they had paid for the field trip they were taking this week.

Most of the students at my school have their own devices such as cell phones and tablets. There are days when they have activities that require technology so the teachers are able to tell them to bring their own devices from home, and also talk to parents about it via Seesaw, to use in these activities. This I find really interesting because I am with a grade 3 class. Growing up, the first device I ever had was one of those iPods that didn’t have games or any way to get on the internet and I bought it with Christmas and birthday money I had saved up when I was in grade 5. This is how many people in my school were, I remember there were a couple of kids whose parents gave them cell phones at young ages but I didn’t expect this in a grade 3 class of around 30 students. This is largely a result of how much technology is used today as well.

I would say that the environment created by the school community is a positive one that pushes their students to learn and be open to all the opportunities offered around them.

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