November 14, 2018 – Week 5

So I wasn’t supposed to go to my school this week because I go on Monday afternoons but I really wanted to make it up so my co-op and I planned for me to go Wednesday afternoon instead. This was interesting because I noticed that the kids behave differently on Wednesdays than they do on Mondays. On Mondays they seem to have a lot more energy and talk more. Another difference on this day was that for their gym class they had a substitute as well as my co-op had one come in at the end of the day so she could get some marking done for report cards. It was interesting to see how the students behaved differently with the substitutes as well. In their gym class they seemed to be having more fun because the class was a little less strict and they were cheering for their teams more. In the other class when they had the substitute a lot of the students came to me over the substitute to ask questions and to get permission to get a drink or go to the washroom.

Having the substitute for the gym class was great because she told me they were supposed to start with some sort of game of tag and she let me teach them a new one that I played with my kids I worked with this summer. After tag we worked on soccer passes and then played a few games of soccer and she kept me involved in helping make the teams and work with them, helping with passes. It was nice to get more involved and to have been able to lead the game of tag at the beginning of class.

Next was Social and the students were just starting a partner assignment where they had to research a country, first by scanning a book about living in it, and collect information on what it is like living there. For this I was put with a group of two boys to help them work. One of the boys is an English as an Additional Language student, but I was really impressed with how well he read out loud to myself and his partner. After this class was recess and I went outside to do some supervision. Lots of the students in the class I am with kept coming up to talk to me and tell me stories.

The last class of the day was when we had our second substitute and we worked on a bit of health as well as some English and Art. In the Health portion we talked about how to make good choices and took some notes on trustworthy adults. Then we moved onto the English/Art portion and the students worked on creating pictures to decorate the papers they had written Remembrance Day poems on that I had been there to help with.

At the end of the day I went down to do bus supervision and talk to my co-op about this week’s topic. The school has Safe Space posters on many of the walls and windows and we talked about some of the health curriculum’s covered through the different grades. My co-op said that in the grade 3 health they mostly just talk about family dynamics and so they go into single parents and talk about how some families have two moms or two dads and also talked about step parents. In the higher grades she told me that they get more in depth with different genders and sexualities and for those classes a permission form is sent home. The parents in the school are very involved in what the students are learning about and she said that at times they may choose not to send their child depending on what may be taught that day, but the school does try to educate the students in these topics.

In the school there is also a teacher who comes once a week to work with the EAL students. The boy I mentioned earlier in this post gets pulled from class on these days to go work with her and 3 other students who are learning English. This is a program that she has said has been in the school for a number of years and is very beneficial to the students who come from other countries that may not speak English.

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