November 5, 2018 – week 4

In my classroom there is a wide range of reading, writing, and math levels. In this grade 3 class the students’ reading levels are from a beginning grade 3 level all the way up to a mid grade 5 level. The students are currently working on a novel study in class which they work on during Daily Five in their groups. Each group is reading a different novel based on their reading levels. In the students’ writing, the whole class is given the same prompts but the teacher focuses on different aspects of the writing based on the level they are in. For example, the students at the lower writing levels work on “green light, yellow light, and red light words”. These are the connecting words that they incorporate into their writing such as first (green), next (yellow), then (yellow), and finally (red). The students with the highest writing levels work on the structure and flow of their writing. One example of wrap around endings, one of the strategies they use, that a student read for the class was starting a story with “I can’t wait to build a fairy house” and she ended with “I can’t wait until the next time I get to build a fairy house”. The wrap around part was using “I can’t wait” to tie it back together.

In math the students are learning how to skip count to 100. They started off using a number chart to help them and as some of the students started to figure it out they would ease away from using the sheet. The students who still ca’t quite get the skip counting on their own still use the sheets and the teachers makes sure that they are available to them for when they need. They also have unit blocks to help with counting. The teacher said that she will start with using blocks or other learning objects to introduce the ideas so that visual learners will be able to see the math they are doing. SHe also said that depending on the level the students are on determines the number of questions she expects of each student. For example, she might assign 8 questions but for the students who are at lower math levels she may allow them to choose 4 or 5 of the questions to work on while those whose level i a bit higher she might expect them to go ahead and work on additional questions.

At the end of the school day we were able to talk to our co-operating teacher about some more of the programs that the school has for some of the students who might have learning disabilities or just need a little extra help. the class I am with has only 2 and a half hours with an EA each week so there isn’t a lot of in the classroom help so she needs to decide where it would be the most beneficial to the students. When we are there the EA is around for Daily Five to help with English. There are also kids in the school in the FIAP program. There are other programs that are available for students with learning disabilities as well.

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