October 29, 2018 – Week 3

This week we had a different daily schedule than the past two days have been. We started off the afternoon by going through the spelling lists. my class has three lists that the teacher assigns by using colour groups (red, green, and blue). Students are placed in groups depending on their skills going into the spelling week. The red and green groups both were working on words with the short u sound in them, one group had longer words than the other, and the blue group was working on words with “ie” and “ei” in them. Along with these 9 words that every person in the group had each student had an individual list of 6 words they have struggled with in their writing which I found interesting and beneficial. my co-operating teacher, partner and myself went around to the students checking that every word was spelt correctly then we moved onto Daily Five. This is used for their English Language Arts and what they did is each row started on a different activity such as reading silently, creative writing, word work, reading with a partner, and guided reading (this activity was done on iPads where the students would first listen to a book, then read it themselves, then do a quiz on the book). The way Daily Five works is they do one activity, followed by a short lesson, activity, lesson, and ending with a third activity that they circle through Then pick up on the next one the following day.

after recess my grade 3 class had a Halloween buddy activity with the grade 6 class in the library where they were buddied up and circled through stations. My partner and I were at the craft station helping if the buddies needed it. This was fun but also super busy as all of the students were excited and energized but there were a few buddies who didn’t work together great so trying to help them get along while also helping the rest of the groups made it a very busy station! Both grades seemed to really enjoy this time though which was good to see. then we went back to the classroom and addressed a couple things the students could work on to make the next buddy day run a little more smoothly before the end of the day.

While our teacher did bus supervision we were able to talk to her about some of the ways she continues to learn and build her toolbox. She told us that she loves english so that is something she has really worked on but that she is trying to also build up math as well. One way she is doing this is by going to math based COPs (communities of practice) where teachers get together to share ideas and help each other with their teaching. she Really emphasized the collaboration that she uses to bring in new ideas and develop lesson plans and I agree that this is really important. After supervision we went back up to the classroom and she showed us some of her favourite books she’s collected and read through to develop her English lesson plans and how she incorporates them into her teaching.

Overall, she really emphasized that We should take the time to read through books such as the ones she showed us and others on different subjects to gain new ideas and to keep sharing and listening to ideas of our colleagues.

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