What should be learned in schools?

What should be learned in schools is developed and decided upon by elected government officials. These officials are elected by us, the voters, in elections. The government is then in charge of doing what they may believe to be what the majority wants from them. So, once we vote for these people it is ultimately in their hands to do what is needed.

What is interesting from this article, that I often forget about, is that politicians follow what the majority of the population wants. In this case, it is really the communities that influence what is put in our curriculum in a large way. The article also mentioned that people are not always consistent in their demands which has appeared as of recent in the election. People say they want something but if that means another area may be compromised they will often try to take back what they say. As a result, it is hard to please most people at once because our wants and needs are constantly  changing.

So where did our Treaty Education curriculum come from? The Treaty Education curriculum came from the same people with power who decide the other areas of curriculum. I’ve mentioned that curriculum is influenced by what communities want to be taught in schools. This means that there would have been a large group of people who did believe that Treaty Education was important to have in schools. In looking at the Outcomes and Indicators document, however, a lot of the indicators seem to show that Indigenous worldviews should be taught in comparison to European worldviews. The presence of Treaty Education in our curriculum is important and a great start, but as future educators we need to examine these documents and understand how to teach Treaty Education without appropriation.

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