EDTC 300 Introduction!

Hello everyone and welcome to my EDTC 300 section of my blog! I am excited to learn about educational technology, especially at a time when some of these resources are being used to their advantage to aid in distance learning.

Before I get into more of my thoughts and experiences coming into this class, here are a few things about me:


Castle Butte (Big Muddy) near Bengough, Sk. (2017).

First, I absolutely love the outdoors. Whether I am out hiking, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing, or simply enjoying a book in my backyard, I enjoy my time most when I am out in my environment. I think that it is so important for us to develop a connection with Nature because there is so much you can learn from the environment.

I think that part of this love for the outdoors stemmed from growing up on a farm in Southeast Saskatchewan. Although farming was never a full-time occupation for my parents, my dad always


Bottle feeding was always a “chore” that was fought over!

had animals on our little hobby farm. We raised cows, sheep and chickens which meant there was always chores that my two younger sisters and I could help out with.

Another love of mine is music. All music. Starting in Grade 2, I began taking guitar lessons, in Grade 5 I joined my school’s Concert Band where I learned to play the flute and continued with the program until graduation, and in my first year of university I was gifted a ukulele for Christmas which I have been teaching to myself since. Once I got older, that love of music meant my summers were filled with music festivals (that picture from Castle Butte was from a day trip during Gateway Festival!).

All of these elements contributed little by little to another enjoyment of mine: volunteering. Growing up I always helped out at community functions such as Lions fundraisers and Dinner Theatre as well as helping my aunt and uncle host concerts in their small music venue, Grace Land Live. Volunteering opened up many opportunities, such as Student Leadership Conferences, two band trips to Banff, and meeting 2017 and 2018 lineups at Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa, all while allowing me to meet other members of the communities I was a part of. Most importantly, volunteering opened my eyes to the importance of collaboration on various projects.

This is one of the reasons I am most excited for EDTC 300. This class will help us to develop a network of other individuals in our field and help us to explore other blogs and sites that have existing information and activities that we can use to our advantage in building a teaching toolbox. Until now, I have had some of an experience blogging from previous classes and things such as Twitter for personal use. Other than this,in my studies I have had experience using simulations for some science classes that were done online.

IMG_0774 So this is my starting point. Stay tuned in to this section of my blog if you are interested in all the things I learn over the next few weeks as I explore Edtech! Feel free to give me a follow on Twitter, @madeline_s,  as well to join in on other conversations!


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