Building Professional Connections At Home

Last Thursday night myself and my fellow EDTC 300 classmates had the opportunity to join in on our first Saskedchat. This was such an exciting and fun experience getting to network with Saskatchewan educators who have a passion for Edtech. Following the conversation on Twitter, I saw that we had made #saskedchat second on the list of what was trending in Canada!

Saskedchat 2 trending

#saskedchat is trending!

EDTC 300 has opened me up to a whole new community that I never knew existed. I had used Twitter to stay caught up on current events in the past and to use for fun but never in professional development. Now that I know this community of Saskatchewan teachers exists on Twitter I can see myself using this as a networking platform as I move forward into my career as an educator. Teaching and learning, in my opinion, should be a collaborative experience. In the short time I have been using Twitter for this class, I have already noticed the value in the sharing of resources and ideas that can go on through this platform and I think this is incredibly important so that I do not become “stuck” in the same old teaching strategies that I become comfortable with. Twitter provides us with a platform to stay up to date with what is trending in the world and also allows us to explore new methods in teaching.

Now, one of the things we were asked to consider was how we could use Twitter in the classroom. This post has actually been sitting in my drafts wince Thursday night because this was something I was stuck on. I was trying to imagine a time in which I would want my students to be using a social media platform such as Twitter but couldn’t come up with one. I have heard stories about young people using similar platforms and getting into a lot of trouble because they post hurtful comments that follow them into their futures. Trying to think about incorporating Twitter into my classroom, this was always something that I came back to. Then I realized that this could be an opportunity to educate students on their online presence. As we become more and more connected everyday I thought about how everyone could use a lesson in how the internet always remembers what you post. I believe that lessons on how to build a good online presence for yourself would be an important topic that could be followed by the introduction to online platforms where students can post their thoughts and ideas while networking with others that share interests.

I am excited about my new use of Twitter and look forward to furthering my understanding and networking through the community that I have found!

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