Becoming an Online Detective


“Cyber Sleuthing” taken from Virginia Tech College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. Retrieved from:

This week we were challenged to partner up with another student in our EDTC300 class who we would become “cyber sleuths” for to see what all we could find about them. In our online Slack community I was able to partner up with Frank Fazio.

Mr Fazio

Mr Fazio and his family, obtained from his Twitter profile.

Going into this task of cyber sleuthing I did not know much about Frank, I followed him on Twitter and had seen a couple of his blog posts on his WordPress account. I started off looking for a picture of Frank so that once I dived deeper into Google I would know if I was looking at the right “Frank Fazio” (as it turns out, there are several people with this name so having a face to look for in my searches benefited me). This image also told me that he has two children and a partner.

From his “About Me” page on his blog, I learned this about him: “I have coached minor hockey since 2007 and hold several Hockey Canada accreditation’s including my High Performance I certification. I enjoy working with youth and seeing them learn new skills.” From this I expect that his coaching experience is likely what influenced his decision in becoming an educator. I also learned that he is in his fourth year at the University of Regina but before had graduated from the University of Waterloo and worked in the financial services industry for twelve years. On his contact page of his blog, Frank has icons for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress but in clicking on them I was simply led to my home page on these networks and was unable to find him on either Facebook or Instagram. After finding his LinkedIn page, I found out he worked with both RBC and Farm Credit Canada. From this page I also learned that he is in the elementary program and expects to graduate from the U of R in 2021.

I also learned from this list of skating coaches in Prince Albert that Frank and his partner both coach in the skating club, Frank focusing on Powerskating and his partner on Figure Skating. In browsing through other articles that pop up through my searches I see mostly articles on his coaching with a couple about his work at RBC scattered in between.

My overall impression of Frank is that he has a very professional online presence. He uses the name “Mr. Fazio” on both Twitter and his blog which shows that he is taking his professional development as a pre-service educator seriously and the number of articles showing his experience coaching leads me to believe he has many good leadership skills that will help him further his career in teaching. I would encourage him to continue to build this professional online presence through his blog by building on categories such as Professional Development and Unit Plans, which I was unable to access.

What I have learned from this assignment is how important it is to keep our online presence looking professional on all platforms. I have been working to clean up some of my social media accounts, removing tags in less appropriate photos and making some of my accounts more private. I think that this is a good idea for me to be doing but also see that it is important for us to remain online to show the good that we are doing. This eportfolio and blog that I am building is one of the good places that I am happy to be using as a place that people can find me on and I hope to further my presence here as well as on Twitter, which I have come to enjoy as a professional development and networking platform.

Interested in reading what Frank found out about me? Check out his blog post on becoming a cyber detective here. I also challenge you to do a quick Google search of yourself. Is this presence one you are proud of?

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