Collaborative Learning

It’s hard to believe but EDTC300 is now coming to an end. One of the things we were sent forward to do in this class was contribute to other students’ learning and to learn from what others had to share with us. This was a really great way to learn. I always enjoy when online classes have forums so myself and others can share their ideas and question each other. EDTC300 went beyond that, though. We were able to develop a network that we can continue to learn from into our careers and I am so excited to see all that I can gain from my fellow pre-service teachers!

Here are a few of the ways I contributed to the learning of other students in EDTC300.


Throughout this course we each developed an ePortfolio blog. These allowed us to share what we were learning through the course of EDTC300 and comment on others’ posts, sharing helpful information or resources. For me, I found that I did not give a whole lot of recommendations on blogs. Instead I mostly provided feedback on Olivia, Lydia, Julia, Lochlin, and Tracey‘s posts, to name a few. Here are a few of the other responses I left on my fellow students’ blog posts:


And a few of the responses to people who commented on my blog:



Slack Community

The EDTC300 Slack community was where I contributed the least. When I wanted to share a resource I did it on Twitter and if someone asked a question I would usually be too slow and one of the other (incredibly helpful!) students in the class would have beat me to it. These are the few times that I did participate on Slack.

IMG-2488                 IMG-2586


Throughout EDTC300 I was most active on Twitter. I found that this was a place I could easily hop on to network and interact with classmates and other educators. I participated in #SaskEdChat twice, once with our class and one other time. These were wonderful experiences and I look forward to participating in more Twitter chats in the future. What I really liked about Twitter is how it allowed for more discussion than the two other areas mentioned did. Here are some of my Tweets, replies, and resources I shared on Twitter. I narrowed down the couple hundreds of Tweets to the ones that had some of the most interaction!


If you are interested in seeing more of my tweets, give me a follow on Twitter!

As I said, collaboration plays a huge role in the education system. This network and these collaboration opportunities are one of the things I am most thankful for as I reflect on EDTC300. So, to my fellow classmates, let’s stay connected! And to those reading who haven’t reached out but are interested, please feel free! Your thoughts and recommendations are welcome!


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