Gender Stereotyping in the Hidden Curriculum – a start to the assignment

So far I have done a bit of work on the assignment by looking at a few articles. I have not read them too thoroughly but did some skimming to see if they would have some information that I could use. So far I have looked at an article on dance education , transgender and nonconforming people and their representation, and one that focused more on how using technology in the classroom influences stereotypes that are taught. I am trying to get a wide range of subjects and age groups to look into so this is a start. I found one other article that addresses high school students a little more but did not see a PDF link for it so will need to go back to look again.

What these journal articles have shown so far is that much of the gender ideas and stereotypes come from the hidden curriculum. The source I have linked on transgender and nonconforming individuals took note of how in some subjects gay topics are to be covered but other areas of the LGBTQ+ community are not. In the dance education source I also read that some of the meanings students form because of the hidden curriculum are a result of Outcome Based Education, which we have already seen as having some other problems.

My future plans for this assignment are to mostly look a little closer at some of these sources, or at least at some of the sections in them. I also would like to look into that last source I mentioned in the opening paragraph and to also find other ones that focus on an older age group as this is the age I plan to teach.

4 thoughts on “Gender Stereotyping in the Hidden Curriculum – a start to the assignment

  1. Hey! I really enjoyed reading your blog post! This seems like a really interesting topic. You mentioned how some of your sources mention how gay topics are taught but other aspects of the LGBTQ+ community are not addressed. Do you think this may be that many of these concepts beyond gay and lesbian are still relatively new to the educational world, especially looking at when some curriculums were last revised or more so that these are voices within education that are actively being silenced? I’m not too sure of an answer to those questions but I am excited to see more of your final product if given the chance!


  2. It sounds like you have a great start on your assignment! I like that you are looking at a variety of articles to pull ideas from and I find it interesting that the hidden curriculum seems to be a factor influencing stereotypes in every area. I am excited to see what you find with this assignment, as it is important to be aware and critical of what we are teaching our students without even potentially realizing it.


  3. with the emerging presence of the LGBTQIA+ community, I fell as if it might be more important to address and educate the elementary aged students on these issues as if a student grows up with an open mind, it generally stays that way. ignorance is often seen in secondary students because they did not have that education when they were young. is there a way of us as secondary educators to ensure that these topics are being included in the curriculum at a young age?


    • Hi there!
      Thanks for the response and great question. I hadn’t really considered how it would be a lot easier to keep the open minded responses and thinking in high school students if they have been provided with education on these topics in their elementary grades. I think that a way to hopefully ensure elementary educators begin the students on their way to becoming a more open minded and educated individual would be to educate the other teachers themselves. Even to tell them about the exciting ways we are addressing these topics in our own class. This might get the other educators excited about these topics as well. Do you have any other ideas?


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