Place Based Learning

Students have a strong connection to nature and the world that fades if they do not have opportunities to get out and continue to develop their relationship with it. This is the importance of place-based education. Kellert’s article on place-based education comments on the importance of this learning in all areas of their development. There is emphasis on the decolonization of the land in order to connect with it. Connections can also be made through “restorying” the land, which is something we have discussed in my Environmental Education class in relation to David Abrams (For some of the work he has done, check out this website).The Kellert article agrees in the sense that it describes how to decolonize land, we must “identitfy, recover, and create material spaces and places that teach us how to live well in our total environments” (74). While in this article, this act of creating new spaces is called reinhabitation, Abrams describes this as restorying.

An important area that should be addressed in all subject areas, but especially those which include place-based learning, is Treaty Education. The Kellert article focuses on an Indigenous group of students was able to learn about the land and make those stronger connections but this is something that all students should be getting quality education on. Learning how some of the First Nations peoples interact with the land helps all students develop a better appreciation. One this appreciation has been developed, it is also important to reach out to the community and all the people within it to aim to educate them on the place that we live and the stories that happened here.

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  1. Treaty education is such an important part of education that gets brushed over quite often. I totally agree with you that place-based learning will assist with that especially when it comes to how Indigenous people interact with the land. Great post!

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