Can you learn something new on TikTok?

For my next Learning Project lesson I decided to take a recommendation from Katia Hildebrandt, our EDTC300  instructor, by taking my learning to TikTok! This was an interesting experience that I could see being useful in the early learning of ASL.

I tried out a few hashtags to try finding some users sharing their own lessons. I first tried #asl. This didn’t come up with exactly what I was looking for. I did however find some users who made videos signing songs (considered trying to learn them, but they went pretty fast!) and others showing what a day in their life was like. It was exciting to see this community on TikTok where I thought people mostly just posted videos of them dancing or trying to do something funny for likes.

Next, I searched #aslinterpreter. I figured here I would be able to find some interpreters showing how to sign some things, or translating what someone else is saying. Again, this isn’t what I found.

Finally, and I don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner, I looked at #learnasl. There it was! I found several accounts showing how to sign various words and phrases. The main accounts I used once finding this area of TikTok were @boonami, @thatdeafcanadianguy, and @chrissycanthearyou.

All three had some great videos. Some, such as the one included by @chrissycanthearyou, were up to date on current events.

Others provided other resources for learning ASL.


People always ask me for resources or suggestions on learning ASL. Here are a few great ones! #learnasl #asl #signlanguage #canada #oshawa #tiktok

♬ Beyoncé Check On It JBroadway Remix –

What I enjoyed most about this online lesson through TikTok was that I was able to find both @chrissycanthearyou and @thatdeafcanadianguy and see how they share their language through a popular app. I can see TikTok as a useful location where we can learn and see others’ experiences. This brings awareness to the larger population and I think that awareness can help encourage a more inclusive society.

Here is my video for the week. I decided to share some of my struggles in the video because often times online we see all of the perfect versions of what we do so you’ll see this as well. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Can you learn something new on TikTok?

  1. Hey! This was a really great post demonstrating how you can use TikTok for educational purposes! Spending my fair share of time on TikTok I have also found that there are tons of different things that you can learn on this app besides how to do different dances and lip syncing hahaha. Glad to see you found this so useful!

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  2. Great post. I don’t have TikTok, but now I kind of want to try it out! It’s great that you were able to find ASL learning material there. Did you find it more difficult to learn from TikTok than YouTube videos?


    • Hi Sarah! I would definitely recommend downloading TikTok and giving it a try, you don’t even have to create an account to browse through if you’re a little uncertain of it. I did find that the TikTok videos were harder to learn from because if I missed something or needed to watch something over again I would have to watch the whole video over rather than being able to drag my slider back to the point that I was a little stuck on with YouTube.
      Thanks for the reply!


      • I wasn’t 100% sure, but I figured you wouldn’t be able to stop or rewind the videos. Even though it isn’t quite as convenient as YouTube, I still think it’s great to learn from different sources, as they all provide different material! Thanks 🙂

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