Video Editing – What tool to use??

This post has been a bit of a work in progress for a couple of weeks. We were challenged for this documentation of our EDTC300 Learning Project to find some sort of a technological tool to document our learning. Since I have been learning ASL I decided a video editing app would be a good tool for me to use. I wanted to find one that would allow me to compile several videos into one so that I wouldn’t have the “ums” and pauses between what I was going to sign. I also wanted to find an app that would allow me to do a voice over and include text to show the English equivalent to what I was saying.

As I searched through the many video editing apps, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. I had tried editing videos through desktop tools and have never had the best luck. As I looked I found that some of the apps I thought would work best for me had some cost to them. I had to decide whether or not I was going to spend money on an app that I may or may not actually enjoy using. I decided to try to find a free app over one that I would have to pay for unless I had no luck. This is what took some time.

The first app I downloaded was Quik. 

This app was fun. To get a feel for how the app worked, I decided to play around and make a practice video on my trip to Kona, Hawaii from January. There were options to add images and videos and I could add text as well. I liked that you could add music and filters to the images/videos you uploaded. There were many themes you could select from too. I found that for my travel video, this app worked well but wasn’t sure if it was exactly what I was looking for to use with my Learning Project. I found that the themes moved around too much. For other students I would say you should check out this app though! I thought that if you were documenting a more creative project such as refinishing a desk or learning to cook, you might be able to get an interesting outcome!

Next up, I tried the app InShot. I found that this app worked much better for me than Quik had. Again, I played around with creating a video from my trip before getting into my Learning Project clips. I was able to use the many tools to easily record a voice over and add text to my video. I also liked that I was able to decided the size that I wanted the video to be (there was even the options to make the video fit a TikTok or the many Instagram settings).

I chose the size setting for YouTube so I could upload it there to share in my blog post.

The most challenging aspect I found while editing my InShot video was how to have music playing for me in the background while I also had a voice over. Once I inserted the music I found it was quite loud. I redid my voice over a couple of times, becoming increasingly louder as I went to hopefully have my voice come out over the music. I figured there had to be a way to simply adjust the sound levels. It took me some time to look around to figure out how I could make my voice come out louder and turn down the music level. Once I did I was able to adjust to what you will find in my final product video!


Near the bottom you can find the option to have your music fade in or fade out. The bar set at 12% controls the level of the music.

I think that InShot could be used for such a variety of videos. To anyone looking for a free, and easy app for those new to video editing. Once I found this app I was able to easily work with my video clips to create my final product.

For my learning this week, I tried out some new resources. I started off with this site. I liked the options to replay a video and that I could speed it up or slow it down if I needed. What I didn’t like is that I had to search for each word or phrase I was wanting to learn. I am finding that I like using videos because they usually have themes that I can follow along for a whole lesson.

Here is my Family Tree video! Overall, I am happy with the outcome and look forward to working with InShot more in the future. I hope you enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Video Editing – What tool to use??

  1. HI Madeline, I too have used InShot 2x now in this course. I have found the editing on my Iphone or Ipad is very seamless and very intutive. There is soo much free content. I found free music tracks (need for attribution) that I could incorporate into my video, fade in/out and change volume levels. There was free stickers, and i could go on and on. It is my favourite video editor so far. I know i have seen elementary schools use Wevideo as well.

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    • HI Frank! I agree there is a lot of great ways that we can use InShot. I have used it for most of my videos for this class now that I have found it! I also am using it for my job as I have been creating some camping videos to share with families in my community.
      Thanks for the recommendation of Wevideo. I am guessing that it is more friendly for elementary students to use?
      Thanks for your response!


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